In both his professions of urban planning architect and writer/poet, Dr. Anis ur Rahmaan contemplates universal values.  In doing so, he translates said values into his works for his clients and audiences. 

Dr. Rahmaan imports from many influences and has managed to incorporate these global influences into works unique to his beliefs.  Thus, he finds that, as an architect, regional urban planning will creates a beneficial cultural exchange for all countries involved.  In his writing he seeks a balance between Western and Eastern philosophies and religions that makes a climate conducive for understanding and perhaps eventual peace. 

Anis ur Rahmaan’s mind is a highly evolved one.  From these two disparate works (The Imperatives of Urban and Regional Planning, A Galaxy of Desires & Anjuman e Arzu), readers get deep pragmatism and deep spirituality – gifts that the author gives hoping only to open a path for everyone to explore in the brave new 21st century world.

Anjuman e Arzu (Urdu version of A Galaxy of Desires) is an autobiographical travelogue, written from time to time over the last fifty years. Using his unique writing style, the author describes the continuous and ever changing journey of life. The different installments of this travelogue, directly or indirectly, reflect the evolutionary development of the author’s state of mind at the time of their writing.

The Evolution of Town Planning in Pakistan describes the world's oldest human settlements during the rather long and diversified sets of civilizations and cultural epochs in the regions, which are now situated within the territorial limits of Pakistan, and highlights three historical periods.